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PipeBoarding is the perfect indoor activity for any boarder. It helps skateboarders, snowboarders, wakeboarders with balance and coordination. Plus it is really fun.
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PipeBoard STICKs to Pipe

Our patented board is coated with a specialized rubber. This allows it to STICK to the pipe when a rider lands a trick.
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Christian Hosoi wins a PipeBoard with 2nd place win. Brian Patch, 5-time XGames medalist takes home a blue PipeBoard...
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PipeBoard® Decks

The decks are optimal balance boards. They have a skateboard top and balance board bottom. The shape of the bottom surface allows a rider to have stability. Also the bottom surface is coated with a specialized rubber so that the deck sticks to the pipe.
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Then & Now

A short history of balance boards as they evolved from rudimentary devices to particularly shaped and designed modern tool for skateboarders and snowboarders.
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PipeBoarding is the perfect activity for any boarder who gets bored indoors. It helps skateboarders, snowboarders, wakeboarders with balance and coordination. Plus it is really fun.
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PipeBoard® Balance Boards

"PipeBoard® was created to give riders a unique platform on which to ride. PipeBoard® combines aspect of balance and coordination which support a riders everyday technique."

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PipeBoard® Description

PipeBoard® is the state of the art balance board for action sports. PipeBoard® is a balance training device for extreme skateboard tricks. About Riding a PipeBoard® balance board improves skateboard balance, snowboard balance, wakeboard balance and surf balance. Dokickflips, heelflips, shove-its, 50-50s, and tons more skateboard tricks. Check out these pipeboard tricks... demo

"PipeBoarders do kickflips, heelflips, shove-its, 50-50s, big spins, and many other skateboard tricks. The patented PipeBoard® deck STICKS to the pipe, so you can land tricks."

NadoMob® Magazine

Patented Technology

PipeBoard® is a patented device in the United States. The PipeBoard® deck is rubber on the bottom and is specially shaped. PipeBoards STICK to the pipe, making it easier to land tricks. Check out the patented rubber coated bottom surface... The PipeBoard pipe has soft rubber rollers which slow the roll of the pipe and grip the ground. Check out a pipe close up... PipeBoard was finalist in several invention contests, see News.



PipeBoard is the perfect gift idea for wakeboarders, skateboarders (skaters), snowboarders, and surfers because it is the ultimate performance pro board trainer and extreme balance board.

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