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PipeBoards Work Better

"PipeBoard was created to give riders a unique platform on which to ride. PipeBoard combines aspect of balance and coordination which support a riders everyday technique."

Pipe Board, Inc.

What is a PipeBoard???

  PipeBoard® is a patented skateboard balance board, it helps snowboarders, skaters, surfers, and wakeboarders do balance training and fun exercise for balance indoors or out. It is a balance trainer for boarders. Do kickflips on a balance board, or try a 360-shove it on the original skateboard balance board. The patented deck is coated with rubber, and the pipe rolls on rubber rollers for a smooth grip to the ground.
* pipeboard is a pro-style board trainer which improves general boarding skills
* pipeboard is done indoors or outdoors, on grass, carpet, cement, or hard floors
When bad weather does not permit skateboarding, wakeboarding, or snowboarding, riders are able to practice your tricks right from home, on any surface..

The PipeBoard Deck

PipeBoard®'s patented decks have a special shape and bottom coating. The bottom coat is a hard rubber that sticks to the pipe. Since riders have full range of motion, they are able to pull off extraordinary skateboard-style tricks on a state of the art deck.

What's PipeBoarding???

  PipeBoarding is extreme balance board riding... a rider does board tricks on a balance board that is specially shaped and designed to ride a rollingPipeBoard pipe..  Pipeboarders do stalls, shove-its, kickflips, heel flips, tre flips, and other skate tricks while balancing on a rolling PipeBoard pipe.  

The PipeBoard Pipe

The patented PipeBoard® pipes are designed to roll a specific speed. The rubber ends are designed to grip the ground so that pipeboard can be done on hard floors, grass, outside or inside. The softer the rubber, the slower the roll. We use high grade neoprene rubber. Check out our different colors of PipeBoard pipes.

"When I came across this booth i saw about a 1/2 dozen kids and several adults all using the Pipeboards."

John Cocozza, Surfshot Magazine
PipeBoard® decks and pipes are patented.

US PATENT NO. 7,942,797


What is it?

PipeBoard is a balance training device for skateboard tricks, as a snowboard balance board and other action sports. Riding a PipeBoard balance board improves skateboard balance, snowboard balance, wakeboard balance and surf balance. Do kickflips, heelflips, shove-its, 50-50s, and tons more skateboarding tricks.

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Product Description

PipeBoard® Specifications

Product Specifications

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Pipe Specifications


Pipeboarding can be done on carpet, hard floors, outside or inside.

Product Comparisons


Traditional balance boards are usually constructed with the following attributes: track & groove, flat decks, and end-stops. Traditional Balance Board The rudimentary designs of these old types of balance boards illustrate the simplicity behind a deck and fulcrum. Generally, the object is to keep the edges from touching the ground, which can be quite a challenge for novices. Rocker, wobble, spheres, and aquatic types are associated with fitness and lack the discretion to freely flip and do tricks on an extreme level. These balance board exercise types are cumbersome and heavy as compared to a PipeBoard.


The Vew Do Board rides on a track and groove platform. Vew Do Balance BoardThis setup is fun yet restricts the freedom of a rider, making it more difficult to ollie. The hard plastic roller is a really hard, fast roller and it rolls much faster than PipeBoard's soft rubber roller which slows the roll and provides stability for tricks. Other track and groove balance boards include Pivot Board, Bongo Board, and the Scrub Board.


If you are into surfing, the Goofboard is a great tool for surfers as it rolls sideways and emulates a surf motion.


The IndoBoard has a entirely flat bottom surface.

Indo Board Balance Board Great for proprioception as an exercise board yet for skaterboarders the roller is narrow and small and the deck is constructed with restrictive endstops. The Indo Board pro is good for amatuers looking to learn. PipeBoard's pipe and deck are technologically different, designed for an advanced user. PipeBoard is specially shaped to have a combination of flat and concave sections and PipeBoard's bottom surface is coated with a hard rubber. The PipeBoard pipe is twice as long, allowing for 50-50s.



Alex speaks at the Hurley Pro surf contest in San Clemente, California. In the video you notice that they are riding on hard sand, which works along with riding on grass, concrete, hardwood floors, or carpet. Countless kids, adults, and riders of all ages enjoy riding and practicing their skills. When the weather is bad outside, this allows you the ability to practice indoors in a confined space, yet being able to pull a variety of skate tricks. The most valuable aspect of this product is the significant increase in a rider's proprioception.

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"i like pipeboard because it helps with increasing time i spend to practice skateboarding tricks and its just amazingly fun to do wen its raining or snowing so thats why i like pipeboard" - Joey from Indiana, 10/5/11

"My mom has a similar Board and it is cool, but the Pipeboard looks even cooler. I have great balance and can do some pretty cool tricks on my skateboard, but when winter comes I can't practice my moves as much, because there is snow. But with the Pipeboard I could practice inside my house. Best of all you can use it inside, outside, at the skate park and basically where ever you go. With the Pipeboard I would master all of the moves and create my own. I could post some sweet videos if I had a pipeboard. I can already do a 360 Shove-It on my moms board and this board is so much more like a skate board that I would be even better." - Derik from California, 09/28/11

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Pipe Board, Inc. warrants its product free of defects. If your product arrives and there is a problem with the product's usability or asthetics, we will gladly replace it. PipeBoards are made in the USA. Contact us.


PipeBoarding is extreme balance boarding, and action sport, and can be dangerous. Users of this product must contemplate the risk of injury and assume the risk associated with extreme sports before riding.

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